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Over the years we have collected “Compliment Bags” customer compliments simply written on white bakery bags. They have and continue to bring great joy to us at Scotty’s Pies. Take a moment to read some of our favorites and leave one of your own. Better yet come and see us and write something memorable on a “Compliment Bag”

To Die For

Best Pies Ever! To Die For!

Kathy F

Not Sharing!

“Blueberry fruit scone. One of the best things I ever tasted. Wouldn’t share with my husband!”

Sue McCleery

The Best

” Best pies ever – have been following them at markets for years!”

Sue B.


“Scotty’s Pies are so amazing we drive over an hour to get them!”

The Werner Family
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Best as Birthday Cake

“I love the Blueberry Peach Crumb! It’s the only birthday cake I need! We Love Scotty’s Pies!”

Brandi Hulse

Staying Young

The secret to staying young… a piece of Scotty’s Apple Pie every day!

Age 90

Last Meal

The apple turnover would be included in my last meal.

Audrey J.


“I’ve found Nirvana, Peach Blueberry Crumb Pie!”

Rebecca S.

Scotty’s Rocks

Scotty’s has blown our family’s minds!!! Cookies, Brownies, Scones etc. are Amazing. This Place Rocks!!

Charles Lane

This Pie

My husband would die for this pie!

Clyde F.
Horse Trainer

Blueberry Crumb Obsession

“My picky eaters are Obsessed with your Blueberry Crumb Pie! We’re talking Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner in Love!”

The Burke Family
New York, New York

Excellent Pumpkin

Tried the pumpkin pie. Brought my mother to tears because it tastes just like the pie her mother used to make.

Val K.

The Best

My Husband has a “Hierarchy” of pies, says this was the best pie ever.

Laura F.

Die for Pie

“You kill me! This pie is too good!”

Tim K.

Put Up a Fight

“These Pies are so good, I’d fight you for the last one.”

The Treadway Family
Sullivan County NY

Devoured Our Pie

My husband got up in the middle of the night and devoured our peach pie. He doesn’t even eat baked goods!

Dawn L.

Peach Crumb Pie

“the peach crumb pie is so good it tastes of sultry summer afternoons, sweet rain, and unhurried kisses! No Kidding!”

Diana F

My Highlight

Scotty’s is the highlight of my week! Love Ya!

Isabella B.

Love Scotty’s

I’d rather eat Scotty’s Pie than bake one of my own… and I make a good pie!

Barbara J.


Exceptional Pies! Outrageous Taste!

Robert M.

Best Brownies

“Hands down the best brownies on earth”

Chris Miele

Best Scones

“These are the best scones I’ve ever had in the world! Even Ireland!”

Catherine Kelly
World Tourism

Apple Crumb

I lived on Scotty’s Apple Crumb Pie when I was pregnant. It’s the food of my child’s native environment.

Amy K.

Only Scotty’s Pies

I will only buy Scotty’s pies and my husband will only eat Scotty’s pies. Simply the Best!

Susan Finch

Apple Turnover

“Scotty’s Apple Turnover was the best baked good my 90 year old mother ever tasted!”

Millie & Nan

Can’t Get Enough

“The pies are the Best! Everyone that I’ve brought them to can’t get enough!! Delicious! Apple Turnovers – Yummy!”

Debbie C.

Turnover Probation

My mom is on Turnover Probation because she eats hers, I hide mine, she finds them and eats them too.

Jacqueline D.

Best Buy – Best Pie

Have been coming for ten years! We drive 45 minutes one way and will only buy your pie! Best buy, Best Pie east of the Mississippi!

Nick Brown

No Rehab

Awesome apple turnovers, addicting! Don’t send me to rehab!



I’ve been dreaming about this pie!


Blind Faith

Blind Faith. Anything you make is delicious! Love it!

Karen L.

Worth Sharing

“My Husband and I eat the whole pie by the kitchen sink with dueling forks!”

Jen E.

Total Heaven

This blueberry scone is total heaven in every bite!

Betty C

The Best

Out of all the “Fancy” bakeries around town, This is the best I have tasted!

Kelly E.

Best Apple Pie

“The best, best, apple pies ever! I never bake them anymore I just buy Scotty’s!”

Alan V.
Port Authority

Great for Weddings

Ordered fifteen pies for my daughters wedding. So amazing – was a total hit!

Rob Gallo
Great Dad

Grandma Loves ’em

The pies are so great they’re the only ones my grandma will eat! Grandma knows best!

Tammy M.

Shop as You May

Shop as you may in Manhattan, Four star restaurants included… these oatmeal cookies are the creme de la creme! Just try a sample!

Gloria H.

World Famous

Apple Pie Turnovers are way above World Famous.

Thomas V.

Loved It

Loved your apple pie!

C. Cleary
Chef, Four Seasons, NYC

Life Changing

The fruit scones are life changing!

Nick M.

Best Cherry Pie

“I searched for real cherry pie for five years! Finally found the best cherry pie right here in the Hudson Valley!”

John Lauricella
Ithaca, New York

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