Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Customers

chreey crumb pie from scotty's piesDo you really make all of these pies from scratch?

Yes, we really do. We know that a lot of places advertise fresh baked pies for sale while the pies themselves (which they bake) are prepackaged and frozen with filling from who knows where (and taste like it). At Scottys, each and every pie is made from our own homemade dough – rolled out by hand – filled with the freshest fruit available, and baked to perfection in our own ovens. A truly homemade pie.

Do you used canned fruits or fillers in your pies?

No, we don’t. Our apples come fresh from Soons Orchards all year long. For the other fruit pies, we use fresh when they are seasonably available. In the off season we use the best IQF (individual quick frozen) fruit we can find – this is fruit that is picked fresh and individually quick frozen without added sugar or other additives. We never, ever, ever use canned fruit fillers or canned fruit for our pies.

How big are your pies?

Our pies are 9″, deep dish pies that weigh in the neighborhood of 3 lbs. each (for the apple varieties, slightly less for the other fruit pies).

What is your pie crust made from?

We use Crisco brand vegetable shortening for our crust, along with all-purpose flour, water and a pinch of sugar and salt.

How long do your pies last?

We use absolutely no preservatives in our pies, so they don t have a long shelf life. We recommend that you eat your pie within 3 or 4 days, if possible, for the best flavor and taste. We do not recommend refrigerating them as they will only get soggy – just keep them at room temperature.

Do the pies freeze?

Yes, they do. To freeze them, just wrap them up tightly in plastic wrap (or if you get them shipped – just keep them wrapped) and place them is a protected area in the freezer (our plastic shipping containers will do fine). When you want to eat them, take them out in the morning and let them thaw out at room temperature for most of the day. Before the meal, just heat them up in the oven at 325 deg. for 15 – 20 minutes or until warm and serve.