At the Orchard

Our home base is Soons Orchards, our family farm located in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

Since 1987, we have been taking those fresh, sweet apples from our orchard and baking them to perfection in our apple pies and turnovers.

The Scotty’s bakery display at Soons features a full selection of our fresh, Homemade Pies:

• Apple
• Apple Blueberry
• Apple Blueberry Crumb
• Apple Cherry
• Apple Crumb
• Apple No-Sugar
• Blueberry
• Blueberry Crumb

• Cherry
• Cherry Crumb
• Peach
• Peach Crumb
• Peach Blueberry Crumb

Along with Seasonal Favorites:

• Pumpkin (Autumn)
• Strawberry Rhubarb (Spring)
• Pecan (Winter)

Please call ahead to see if these varieties are available.

Soons orchard is the perfect place to order your holiday pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Soons offers fifty plus varieties of homegrown apples. They also grow peaches, sweet corn and pumpkins. Soons also makes a sweet apple cider (which we use in our apple pies) and heavenly cider donuts.

And remember if you’re in the neighborhood, the orchard is the perfect place to order your holiday pies!